Varsha is the first female black belt holder in the world. She got the black belt at the age of five which happened on 09.05.2009.the belt was awarded by the state officials and M.D. of K.S.R.T.C honorable T.P. Zen Kumar.IPS by which the news was spread all over the world through the magazines and media. By seeing this London based public relation company TAYLOR HERRING offered her glorious welcome to UK on September 2009. She visited UK with her father and coach Sensei Vinod. There she displayed her magnanimous performance. Fortunately they are impressed by her KATA and different types of Karate Skills. So the mini ninjas computer game company EIDOS made her the launcher and promoter of their new mini ninja’s game. More over she got a chance to fight with European champion Juan Moreno. By his influence she visited some other DOJOS in UK. There too she made some kind of her own performance. After this they advised her father Sensei Vinod, father and coach of Varsha, and also the national champion of India on three different occasions, to start a Karate School on behalf of Varsha. That’s why, the inspirations of the UK officials, we decided to start Varsha School of Martial Arts.

Thus we started a school in honour of her. First of all we had to face a lot of crisis. But by some how we managed that by the grace of almighty. Initially we started our school at Town Hall Ambalapuzha which is the main centre of the Varsha School of Martial Arts. On the top of that we set out the same classes at different locations in Alleppey district. Now it became one of the foremost institutions in the Kerala state. Akin we provide different kinds of classes like personality development, meditation and morality. Every month we make arrangements to get in touch with parents. Here we give more importants for their prayars or appeals. We joined Alan Thilak karate School after receiving advise from the London Dojos. On the top of that Alan Thilak karate School is one of the foremost Karate Schools in the world. Now it is organized by Sensei Neel Mosses and its official correspondent Usha Mosses. So Candidly admit that we are also the part of it. Mean while Sensei Vinod Viswanath, father and Chief instructor of Varsha School of Martial Arts, got a chance to furnish his degree from Fourth Dan to Fifth in which he got a lot of appreciations from the different sensei’s of Alan Thilak international Karate School, Chennai.

The another striking news: Kumari Varsha, the first female black belt holder in the world, made another golden crown upon her head by achieving her second Dan degree in black belt. Remember ! this is happened only at the age of seven and half. In this occasion,seeing her performance in the medias, we are invited by a Rtd: Police Commissionaire of Belgium,Hilda and her sister Evath. Here she made her own performance in the very presents of themselves. Marvelously they praised her quality and her skillfulness in the Martial Arts.